How to access email from webmail

Type URL : mail.company.com


Type Username และ Password after that click Login




Add Account on Thunderbird Type : POP3

Click on icon ‘Email’ 


Click ‘Skip this and use my existing email’


Type your name (English only), your full email, password and click ‘Continue’


Selected POP3 and click on ‘Manual config’


1. Incoming: pop.yourdomain.com Port: 110
Outgoing: smtp.yourdomain.com Port: 587 2. Click on ‘Re-test’
3. After that click ‘Done’


Click ‘Confirm Security Exception’ on POPUP


1. Click ‘Get Mail’ for sync email
2. Click ‘Write’ for compose new email 


Try to send email to your self ‘Send’


After that have popup “Send Message Error” click “OK”


After that click ‘Confirm Security Exception’ again.


Add Account on Android Type : IMAP

Go to icon Email


Type your full email, and password
and click Manual setup


Click IMAP account


Username: email@yourdomain.com
Password: *****
IMAP server: imap.yourdomain.com
Security type: None Port 143


Click Next


SMTP server: smtp.yourdomain.com
Security type: None
Port 587 Require sign-in
Click Next


Review your email information, Click Next


Type your full email again and click Done.



Add Account on Macbook Type : POP3

Click Icon: Mail on your Desktop


Click Mail > Preferences…


Click on Icon  “+” 


Type your Name (English only), Full email and Password and click Continue


After that have popup click ‘Show Certificate’


After that check on Always trust ‘localhost’….
after that click on ‘Connect’


If your Mac have password, type your computer password
and click ‘Update Settings’


Incoming Mail Server: pop.yourdomain.com
User name: youremail@yourdomain.com
Password: ****


Have popup click  ‘Show Certificate’ button
and check on Always trust ‘localhost’, After that click Connect button


Checked User Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)Authentication: Password
and click Continue


Click ‘Continue’


Click Continue


Check Take account online and click Create button


Your email account is ready.

iPhone & iPad

Add Email to iPhone & iPad


add mail account ios Go to Settings



add mail account ios Go to Password & Accounts



add mail account iosGo to Add Account



add mail account ios Go to Other



add mail account iosGo to Add Mail Account



add mail account ios

Name : Your Name (English Only)
Email : youremail@yourdomain.com
Password : ******* (Your Password)
Description : Description
After that, Click Next



add mail account ios

Selected IMAP
Incoming Mail Server
Host Name: imap.yourdomain.com
Username: youremail@yourdomain.com , Password: ****** (Your Password)

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name: smtp.yourdomain.com
Username: youremail@yourdomain.com , Password: ****** (Your Password)


add mail account ios

POPUP: Cannot Verify Server Identity
Click Continue



add mail account ios

POPUP: Cannot Verify Server Identity again
Click Continue



add mail account ios

After that, Click Save


Turn off SSL (Important)

add mail account ios

Go to your Email Account



add mail account ios

Click SMTP



add mail account ios
Turn off SSL, After that Click Done



add mail account ios

After that, Click  < Account



add mail account ios

Go to Advanced



add mail account ios
Turn off SSL, After that click < Account


add mail account ios
Click Done


Microsoft Outlook

Add Account on MS Outlook Type : POP3


File > Info > Add Account


Click Manual setup or additional server types, After that click Next


Select  “POP or IMAP” and click Next>


Incoming mail server: pop.yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail server: smtp.yourdomain.com
User Name: youremail@yourdomain.com
After that, Click More Settings


Go to tab “Outgoing Server” check My Outgoing Server (SMTP)…
and check Use same settings as my incoming mail server, after that click OK.



Go to Tab Advanced
Incoming server (POP3) Port: 110 หรือ (IMAP) Port: 143
Outgoing server Port: 587
Selected Leave a copy of messages on the server
and Selected  Remove from server after 14 days 


Click Test Account Settings…


If it completely, This popup will show Completed.

Outlook for Mac

1. Go to Tools
2. Click Accounts…


Click on icon “+”  and click Email..


Incoming mail server: pop.yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail server: smtp.yourdomain.com
User Name: youremail@yourdomain.com
After that click, More Options..


On outgoing check on Override default port and type port 587